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What to Pitch

FUSION aims to publish fresh, informed writing about politics, society, and culture. We do not expect authors to follow any party line, but we are particularly interested in submissions that demonstrate serious (which need not mean uncritical) engagement with classical liberal, conservative, and libertarian ideas.


Our contributions will take two main forms. The first format is a Monthly Essay of 3000-4000 words. Successful Essays will present a clear argument that draws on academic scholarship, original research, or critical reflection in a manner accessible to educated readers. You don’t need a special degree to write a Monthly Essay, but you should be expert in your chosen topic.


The second format is a Perspective of about 1500 words. While Monthly Essays should look beyond the news cycle, Perspectives may focus on specific events, experiences, performances, publications, or other recent occurrences. Even when they address current issues, however, Perspectives should try to find some distinctive insight the elevates them above the cacophony of “takes”.

How to Pitch

Email your pitch to Your email should include the following information, expressed in no more than 250 words:


· The type of piece you are pitching.

· The argument you propose to make.

· The necessity of the argument—in other words, who cares?

· Your publication history, professional experience, or other qualifications to write the piece.


All contributions to FUSION are commissioned by the editors following discussion, refinement (when necessary), and approval of an initial pitch. Please do not submit complete manuscripts.

What We Pay

Contributions to FUSION are paid at a competitive rate. Because we do not use a paywall, you can also count on your work being available for free to the largest possible audience.

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